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  • About us

    CAMPIONARI MEDESI is a young but experienced company that stands out on the market for professionalism, confidentiality and competence: skills that our employees have gained in the field of samples over the years.

  • Headquarters and machineries

    The headquarters have advanced machinery that allow us to offer the customer a higher quality. We work with a manufacturer for the development and design of new machines.

  • Our mission

    Our mission is to become a PARTNER, not just suppliers, in fact, we are able to meet various customer needs by offering our support from the stage of study and design of the sample to arrive at the finished product.

  • The manufacturing

    Our production is diversified in various types of samples such as BATS fabrics and curtains - TRACES and SCARVES - COLOR FOLDERS; we are also able to provide BOXES FOR SAMPLES - COLLECTORS - BOXES and BACKS.